21 Questions to Ask During Your IVF Consultation

So, you chose the IVF process to pursue your journey to motherhood. Great! There's SO much to learn, digest and understand along the way. I'm a very inquisitive person by nature. So, instinctively, when I realized this was the path I'd take, I went to google to learn as much about the IVF process as I could. This prompted me to write down every question I could think of to ask during our sit-down consultation with the Reproductive Endocrinologist (a doctor that treats infertility in both women and men). I was both excited and confused at first. Once I got these questions answered and got detailed reading material from my doctor, I felt more informed and eager to complete the process knowing beforehand what was to come.

Suggestion for my ladies: A lot of my appointments required me to disrobe. Wearing cozy socks with the grips at the bottom kept my feet warm and prevented me from slipping or falling while walking from the ultrasound room to go get my blood drawn in another room.

1. What are your success rates?

2. Do you have late and/or early office visit hours to accommodate my work schedule?

3. Is my spouse allowed to be in the room for all appointments and procedures?

4. Do I need to follow a specific diet?

5. Given my history, what are the predicted or expected results?

6. Do you transfer one or multiple embryos at once?

7. How do I administer the shots on myself at home? *My doctor taught me how to administer shots on a stress ball while sitting in his office as an example of how to do it myself at home. I still cried the first time I had to do it for real.

8. Will you perform a uterine biopsy?

9. Do you recommend fresh or frozen cycles and why? Which one would be best for me?

10. After the embryo transfer, will I be on bed rest? What are my restrictions?

11. How often will I receive updates on embryo progress? Should I call to ask for updates?

12. How and where are the embryos stored?

13. What's the cost and options for storing my unused embryos?

14. Do you advise abstaining from intercourse anytime during the IVF process?

15. What are some causes for and how can I avoid having a canceled or failed cycle, egg retrieval or embryo transfer?

16. What is the projected time line from beginning to end with all the recommended/suggested procedures?

17. What supplements or vitamins should I be taking?

18. Do you recommend genetic testing? If so, which specific tests?

19. Can you provide me with a breakdown of all costs?

20. What's include and excluded in the cost considering my healthcare benefits? Do you offer any discounts?

21. When can we start the process?

Don't ever feel embarrassed or awkward about asking questions during your doctor's visits. The more you know, the more you can prepare. This is YOUR body. Ask as many questions as it takes for your to get the understanding and clarity that you need. You got this!