The Noise is Unnecessary

When I was in active labor with my son, Solomon, I was laid up in the hospital bed with my mother and husband in the room, laughing and watching Family Feud. My doctor walked in, slid her gloves on, adjusted her face mask over her nose and mouth, checked how much I had dilated, requested one of the nurses to turn the TV off and that's when it got real. It was "GO TIME"!

As my husband held one of my legs, my doctor told me to push. But wait...Let's go back a little further first. I got an epidural as SOON as I got officially checked-in to the hospital. So, for about 11 hours, I was laying in the bed chilling. I couldn't feel any pain from contractions and everything was cool.

What's an epidural? An epidural is a procedure that injects a local anaesthetic in to the space around the spinal nerves in your lower back. This anaesthetic usually blocks the pain from labor contractions and during the birth very effectively.

Back to the story - So the doctor told me to push. I pushed and screamed...really loud and dramatically. She looked up at me, pulled her face mask down so I could see her lips and said very matter of fact "just push...the noise is unnecessary". I paused and realized she was right! I felt no pain because of the epidural so why was I making so much noise? I found a focal point, which was the clock on the wall. I continued to push, without noise of course, my eyes never shifting focus off the clock and on the 4th push, I heard the most beautiful sound I'd been waiting to hear for over 6 years. My son's cry. I got the victory!

Why was I making so much noise? I'd seen several birthing scenes in movies so I tapped into my dramatic energy to perform what I'd been exposed to. But in reality, there was no reason for me to be doing all of that, lol. After all, I literally couldn't feel anything. From what I could see in the hospital room, it seemed like a perfect time to be a lil extra with the noise, lol. The noise was my reaction to everything I could SEE.

In the midst of adverse situations we're experiencing, we get so overwhelmed by what we SEE going on that our instinctual reaction is to make noise; or in other words...complain. We talk it out with other people, detailing how horrible it is, how we wish things were different, how we wish it wasn't us experiencing this, how we'd do things differently if we had another chance, or even whining about how painful it may be. In these situations, God has provided us the resources to remain mentally strong, encouraged and even convicted to change our perspective. He's equipped us to go through it - to get through it, too. That's our epidural. So even after we've read scriptures, prayed, worshiped, sought therapy and read self-help books, we might still make the noise. God is telling us, "the noise is unnecessary, JUST PUSH!". Just push through our situation with the comfort of knowing God has already taken the pain away, no matter what we may SEE going on around us. IF we keep pushing and staying focused on our purpose, we will get the victory over defeat, over depression, over anxiety, over failure, over it all! Whew, I'm speaking to myself.

Even when we decide to "make moves". You know...starting a business, buying a house, starting a blog, bossing up at work, leveling up all around, personal growth and development. We make so much noise about it. We tell people our plans, we preview our progress on social media, detailing our goals in life to others, we make all these announcements about our steps when even in this, God is still saying, "the noise is unnecessary, JUST PUSH!". Just push through to your goals. Hush all that talking! We want to make sure folk know that we are "making moves" and about to "do it big". Our confidence should flow from our belief that God is faithful enough to follow through, regardless of what our progress looks like right now.

If God gave you a vision, He has also given you the resources, the skill and the ability to uncover the details on how to follow through to completion. That's our epidural. Find that focal point, no matter what you see going on around you, rest in knowing that He has provided us relief and push forward. The process is necessary to birth what God has put in you, but making the noise is unnecessary.